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Submission Guide

Prospective author are welcome to submit the full manuscript through the electronic submission system-Easy Chair before Aug.25, 2016! The papers should adhere to the Template! All the papers will be peer reviewed by 2-3 experts. It takes 20-30 days for the result coming out. If the paper needs revising, it should be resubmited for peer review again. The full paper should be no less than 6 pages, including figures,tables and references. Plagiarism is prohibited. 


1, Full Paper Submission. Only original unpublished English full paper is accepted for peer review. The paper should be no less than 6 pages.

2, Abstract Submission. Presenter should submit the abstract of the speech through the electronic submission system.

Call for Paper

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Mechanical Engineering  Manufacturing Engineering
Complex mechanical-electro-liquid System Manufacturing Processes and Systems
Mechanism and Machine Science Surface Engineering/Coatings
Powder Metallurgy/Casting/Sintering/Thermal Engineering/Welding Materials Forming
High-speed/precision machining Materials Machining
Laser Processing Technology  Welding & Joining
CAD/CAM Integration Technology Laser Processing
Computational Mechanics Powder Metallurgy
Computer-aided Geometric Design & Simulation Severe Plastic Deformation
Flexible Manufacturing Technology & System Tribology in Manufacturing Processes
Material Engineering Theory and Application of Friction and Wear
Mechanical Power Engineering Casting and solidification
Precision Mechanics & Mechatronics Microwave Processing of Materials
Quality & Reliability Engineering Waste-to-Energy, Waste Management and Waste Disposal
System Dynamics and Simulation Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications
Systems Science and Systems Engineering CAD/CAE/CAM
Vehicle Dynamic Performance Simulation Rapid Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Tooling
Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications E-manufacturing, ERP, and Integrated Factory
Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications Sequencing, and Scheduling
Mechanical Reliability Theory and Engineering Virtual Manufacturing, and Simulation
Theory and Application of Friction and Wear Operations, and Production Management
Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control Precision Engineering, and Concurrent Engineering
Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control JIT, Lean, and Agile Manufacturing
Structural Strength and Robustness DSS, ES and AI in Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering Engineering Optimization
Energy Machinery and Equipment
Construction Machinery and Equipment
Automation Engineering


Registration Guide

Payment of fees must accompany all registration forms. Your registration WILL NOT be confirmed until payment is received in full. Payment must be made in USD/ RMB. The conference organizer will not accept any bank charges associated with the transfer of money.


Categories Amount
Regular Author 500 USD/ 3000 RMB
Author (Student/ Committee) 450 USD/2700 RMB
Presnter  350 USD/ 2100 RMB
Listener 300 USD/ 1800RMB
Extra Page 70USD/page/ 400 RMB
Additional Paper 360 USD/ 2200RMB/ Paper



A1, Full Author's registration fee: publication fee, coffee breaks , lunch, dinner, 1 set of conference kits, attending all the sessions of conference, giving presentation on conference.

B1, Presenter's registration fee: attending all the sessions of conference, giving presentation on conference, coffee breaks , lunch, dinner, 1 set of conference kits.

C1, Listener's presentation fee: attending all the sessions of conference,, coffee breaks , lunch, dinner, 1 set of conference kits.


A2, Author' s registration documents: 1) final paper (doc and pdf), 2) English registration form / 中文注册表 3) payment proof. Please kindly notice that authors are assumed to accept the terms of the Proceedings Publication License, if an article is submitted for publication in this series.

B2, Presenter/ Listener's registration documents: 1)English registration form / 中文注册表 2) payment proof.


*Please send all the required documents to stmme@sina.com before the registration deadline. Only you receive the confirmation letter from the conference secretary, your registration will be completed.


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